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While helping hundreds of clients finance their investment properties, I noticed very clearly that a lot of my clients base their decisions on three areas;

  • i) what they have read in the media,
  • ii) the advice of well-meaning but ill-informed family and friends, or
  • iii) what they know (for example, buying investment property where they live because it’s familiar).

Are you one of those people? This is where a research house can help you!

What is an investment property research house?

For property investors, getting to know the dynamic property market requires a lot of time, deliberation and agility. An investment property research house can help ease the burden on investors by sharing in-depth knowledge on market trends, including growth areas, hot spots and positive and negative cash flow areas.

An investment property research house is comprised of a team of experts in the field of property investment. They conduct research into the macro and micro factors which influence growth and decline and assess property’s desirability. Utilising detailed property data, they are equipped to advise investors on the best properties to invest in, in order to achieve the best possible return on investment.

A wise property investor will manage two main factors when buying property, knowledge and emotion. They will gain as much knowledge as possible on the property market by speaking to experts in the field and they will keep emotions at bay when making any investment decisions. The latter can often be difficult as investors can easily get swept up in the excitement of a purchase, or make choices based on their personal preferences, which can reduce the quality of an investment. This is why many investors choose to work with an investment property research house. Engaging these experts can help investors understand the hard facts while eliminating emotion from the equation.

Which macro and micro factors do the experts consider?

Some of the macro factors that are considered by an investment property research house include how the economy is performing, where jobs are growing, where the population is growing and the demographics of growth areas. They will also consider where public and private infrastructure is being invested in, where construction is taking place, which areas are desirable and where there is a lack of supply but high demand.

These macro factors provide insights into hotspots and growth areas, ultimately uncovering the best suburbs in which to invest.

Some of the micro factors that are considered include the quality and design of a property, a property’s proximity to transport, a property’s walkability score and potential rental return.

All of these factors can help investors to locate the best places in which to invest and narrow down the specific properties within these areas to achieve the best return on investment.

Using extensive research methods and comprehensive data, investment property research houses provide unlock information for investors to ensure they make the right property decisions.

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